• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

'RHOM' Stars Alexia Echevarria, Adriana de Moura Still Not Speaking Over Car Crash Conflict

Mar 15, 2023

“The Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria tells us she still isn’t on speaking terms with her costar Adriana de Moura, after comparing her foot injury to Alexia’s son’s near-fatal car crash … but she’s still holding out hope the relationship can be repaired.

We got Alexia and her hubby Todd Nepola outside Il Pastaio in Bev Hills and she says Adriana hasn’t reached out to her after filming their explosive reunion — she was hoping she’d hear something from her costar.

Fans of the show know Adriana messed up her foot after castmates Guerdy Abraira and Kiki Barth fell on top of it on their Bahamas cast trip this season, and Adriana compared her foot injury to what Alexia’s son Frankie faced in 2011.

Frankie was in a friend’s car when they got into a serious crash … resulting in permanent brain damage. Needless to say, the two events are not even close to comparable.

Adriana already attempted to repair the relationship a couple times on the show this season … but Alexia still hasn’t accepted an apology.

Alexia tells us there might be a way of talking through their conflict when filming resumes next month … which could mean the two might just be saving the drama for the cameras.

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