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Stylist: Red is Duchess Kates new power color, red is a hard color to pull off

Dec 10, 2021

Soon after the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William, it became obvious that she was trying to have a “signature color,” and that color was blue. Blue for Diana’s sapphire ring, which is Kate’s ever-present engagement ring. Blue for… I don’t know, but she definitely tried to make “Kate’s signature blue” into a thing. In addition to Diana’s ring, Kate also wears other sapphire pieces from the Royal Collection or from Diana’s personal collection. Kate easily has 700 blue dresses and probably 500 blue coats or coatdresses. But sure, let’s hear about Kate making red her power color. Don’t get me wrong, I like her in red! Red looks good on her. But it’s far from her signature color.

The Duchess of Cambridge has adopted a ‘powerful’ red as her ‘go-to statement colour’ for big public events, a stylist has revealed. Kate Middleton, 39, stepped out in a £30,000 Catherine Walker coat in a vibrant scarlet colour as she hosted a Christmas carol service in London this week. The royal has also worn the statement colour for other significant events over the past year, including the launch of her Hold Still photography book, a milestone Covid-19 solo project, and an Action for Addiction event where she delivered the keynote address.

A stylist has revealed how the choice might be an indication of the mother-of-three’s growing confidence, with Rochelle White telling FEMAIL: ‘I feel that Kate has chosen red because it can come across as highly charged as well as warm. It draws the attention and catches the eye more than most colors. As red is a hard colour to pull off, Kate does it well. Red is a powerful colour and the association with it can have a strong pull and can make a statement. As Kate is seen as a fashion figure to many, when she wears this colour, I think it shows her personality and adventurous side which is very relatable.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Is red “adventurous” when she’s wearing red Victorian-style long coats? Or did she just wear red this week because she was cosplaying a Christmas present?? I don’t get this either: “As red is a hard colour to pull off, Kate does it well.” Most people can find a shade of red which suits them. I prefer wearing dark blue-reds or burgundy-reds, but I once had an orange-red sweater and whenever I wore it, I got compliments. I’m just saying, most people can find a red shade which works on them and complements their coloring. Red is one of the easiest colors to pull off, unlike yellow or lime green. Anyway, just more of the same. Kate is perfect because she…wore a red coat.

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