• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

The Internet Has Thoughts About Adriana Lima's Cultural Appropriation

Sep 24, 2021

Adriana Lima is getting some heat after posting racially insensitive photo to Instagram. On Thursday, the former Victoria's Secret angel posted a pic with a braided hairstyle that the internet is calling out as cultural appropriation.

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What might be even worse than the hairstyle, is the absolutely inappropriate caption, where she uses the derogatory word "urban" to describe the hairstyle. "💥 Bringing a little of my urban/chic spirit to life this am 💥 ," she wrote. She tagged the hair and makeup stylist, as well as tagged herself as the creative direction.

After she posted the photo, the internet had some thoughts about the hairstyle and caption. One user wrote, "the stylist needs the electric chair," while another user tweeted, "Did anyone read the caption???!!! Lmaooo ! Zero black people were involved."

It appears that Lima also doubled down on her "creative direction" last night by posting a photo to her Instagram story of her sock that read "I don't give a fuck," which has reminded some of Melania Trump "I Really Don't Care" jacket.


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