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'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond Thinks Her Son Looks Like Woody Harrelson but Some Fans Think He Resembles Another Actor

Dec 26, 2021

Ree Drummond shared a fun series of photos with her son Bryce and noticed his resemblance to a celebrity. Did her fans think Bryce looked like Woody Harrelson too? Some were seeing Woody and others spotted a likeness to another actor.

Ree Drummond thinks her son Bryce looks like Woody Harrelson and a lot of fans agree

On Dec. 25, Drummond shared a few photos of her with her son Bryce. She pointed out his different expressions and how Bryce looks a lot like a famous actor.

“My son is wonderful (first photo), weird (second photo) … and Woody Harrelson (last photo). Anyway, I think I’ll keep him!” she wrote in the caption.

Some of Drummond’s fans were on board with Bryce looking similar to Harrelson. “He does resemble Woody Harrelson! Two handsome guys!” one fan wrote, while others commented, “Whoa! I see the resemblance,” “Yes he looks like a young Woody Harrelson,” and “Definitely Woody!!!”

Other fans pointed out how Bryce’s smile is similar to Harrelson’s. “He does look like him!” one fan noted, while another shared, “Wow, he’s got Woody’s smile.”

Some of Drummond’s followers said that Bryce is “cuter than Woody,” with one fan writing, “Woody Harrelson be wishin’ he looked that good!!!”

Drummond agreed when one fan said they “can’t unsee the Woody Harrelson similarity” after The Pioneer Woman star pointed it out.

She also shared that she’s been a big Harrelson fan forever. “Oh my gosh … I’ve been trying to figure out who he reminds me of for years … yes, you got it … Woody Harrelson, one of my favorite actors,” a fan commented. Drummond responded, “Woody is one of my favorites, too! Has been since Cheers.”


Some fans think Drummond’s son looks like another celebrity

Not everyone was seeing the Harrelson resemblance, however, and there was another famous celebrity that a lot of her fans said is Bryce’s twin.

When one fan commented, “Nooo.. Totally Anthony Michael Hall!!!” Drummond said, “I agree with this, too!!”

Many of her followers shared how much Bryce looks like Hall, with one fan pointing out, “I see Anthony Michael Hall (the later years like Edward Scissorhands).”

Another fan agreed, noting, “He could be Anthony Michael Hall’s twin …by the time he bulked up for the 80s movie Johnny Be Good….though most will remember him from Sixteen Candles.”

A few fans pointed out other celebs Bryce resembled, like Zachary Ty Bryan and Dolph Lundgren. When one fan commented, “Pic #3…Ivan Drago from Rocky 4,” Drummond responed, “Oh. My. Gosh. The plot thickens!!!”

One of her followers found the perfect balance of celebs: “Woody Harrelson and Anthony Michael Hall had a baby,” they wrote.


Ree Drummond’s fans noticed a family resemblance

While there was plenty of chatter about celebrities in her Instagram post’s comments, of course, many pointed out how Drummond and her son are “twins.”

Comments included, “He looks like you,” “He’s got your dimples!,” “He looks so much like you,” “He is your twin!,” and “Aww, he has your smile … that’s cute.”

Other fans pointed out how young Drummond is looking these days. “You look like you could be his sister! My goodness!” one fan commented. “You’re starting to look like one of the kids! How are you reversing the aging process??” another follower wondered.

Another fan noted, “I swear you’re a vampire or something … you don’t age!”

Drummond responded to one of her followers who pointed out how Bryce resembles another family member. “He sooo looks like your dad,” they wrote. Drummond responded, “I have heard this so much! I only see it every now and then, but do hear it all the time.”

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