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The Truth About Bobby Shmurda’s Special Parole Conditions

Mar 24, 2021

New Yorkers everywhere rejoiced when rapper Bobby Shmurda was released from prison in February 2021. Previously, the “Bobby B****” crooner served a six-year bid in New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and gun and drug possession following an infamous 2014 NYPD operation, per Observer. Bobby agreed to a plea deal in September 2016 to lessen the sentence of his frequent GS9 collaborator, rapper Rowdy Rebel. The loyal act on Bobby’s part has earned him even more respect from several of his fans and fellow rappers. Rowdy was also released from prison in December 2020, per Revolt.

Since their release, Bobby and Rowdy have remained on the straight and narrow as they return back to the studio. In Bobby’s first post-prison interview, the 5x platinum rapper revealed that he didn’t take his music career seriously until he received an overwhelming amount of support from fans while he was incarcerated. “I didn’t really care too much for it until I went to jail and I seen how the fans were loyal,” he told GQ. “I can’t name a week that I didn’t see at least 10 [pieces] of fan mail, throughout the whole bid.”

While Bobby’s release means he isn’t in police custody anymore, the rapper will remain under parole supervision until February 2026, per Daily Mail. Keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about Bobby’s special parole conditions.

Bobby Shmurda's parole terms may interfere with his lifestyle

Whenever we think of celebrity lifestyles, we often associate them with tons of money, designer clothing, clubbing, drugs and alcohol usage. Especially for rappers, the glamorous life often complements the content of their lyrics. Unfortunately for Bobby Shmurda, he won’t be able to partake in certain aspects of the rap star lifestyle.

As mentioned previously, the “Computers” rapper is under strict parole conditions for five years until 2026. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Bobby cannot drink alcohol, hang out at bars nor around gang members. He must also submit to substance abuse testing and seek counseling for anger. As if that isn’t a bummer already, the rapper has a mandated 8 p.m. curfew. Fortunately, Bobby doesn’t have to seek employment as outlined in the terms, considering he already has a career.

Since being released, Bobby has taken the parole conditions seriously. Hollywood Unlocked shared a video of Bobby turning down a waitress who offered him an alcoholic drink. He additionally signaled to the waitress that he has water and that he’s okay with it. We’re rooting for you, Bobby!

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