You might think that four seasons of The Masked Singer were enough to satiate humankind’s thirst for delightful derangement, but no! This blessed-yet-also-deeply-cursed show is back for Season 5, and there’s a whole new cast of characters waiting in the shadows to haunt your nightmares. We’ll be getting deep into all these curious creatures as the season progresses (including something called “Grandpa Monster,” SHUDDER), but today we’re here to discuss the Russian Dolls.

So who is inside this frankly gorgeous costume? The internet is CONVINCED it’s the Hanson brothers, which would truly be glorious. But before we get to the speculation, let’s analyze some evidence.

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The Clues

The Masked Singer dropped just *one* major hint about the Russian Dolls’ identity: they. are. multiplying. Meaning at least two celebs—if not more—are behind this mask.

We’ve also been blessed with footage of the Russian Dolls performing “Shallow” from A Star Is Born, but please don’t make me list all the reasons why it’s not Lady Gaga or Bradley Cooper.

The Theory

I mean…we can all agree this is Hanson, right? Fans of MMMBop (ME, I MEAN ME) would recognize these voices anywhere. Here’s just a small selection of comments lurking on YouTube if you need convincing:

Obviously, there are only two dolls on screen, but there’s speculation that the Russian Dolls will multiply more times and introduce more Hanson brothers along the way. Plus, it seems possible that there are already two people in the larger doll (pretty sure I saw two sets of feet shadows, just saying).

Here’s to hoping the Russian Dolls make it relatively far this season because their vocals are gorgeous and frankly HANSON FOREVER. Now excuse me while I make us all listen to “MMMBop” together.

In the profound words of Hanson, “Mmmbop, ba duba dop, Ba du bop, ba duba dop, Ba du bop, ba duba dop, Ba du, oh yeah, Mmmbop, ba duba dop, Ba du bop, ba du dop, Ba du bop, ba du dop, Ba du, yeah.”

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