Tom Brady reached an impressive milestone on Feb. 7, 2021, when he became the only person in NFL history to have seven Super Bowl victories under his belt, per Pro Football Talk. Six of his wins occurred during his iconic career with the New England Patriots. His seventh win came after his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It marks the Buc’s second championship title, per CNN.

Following his win, Brady told reporters that his seventh time winning feels just as glorious as his first. “I’m not making any comparisons,” he stated, according to CNN. “Being down here and experiencing it with this group of guys is — every year is amazing, and this team is world champions forever. You can’t take it away from us. Thank you guys. Thank you all.”

Of course, a Super Bowl win means a super celebration in the team’s town. Although Disney World canceled its annual Super Bowl victory parade, as CNN noted, the Bucs got to cruise around Tampa via a boat parade and celebrate with fans lining the city’s waterways. It’s no secret that a Super Bowl parade can mean lots of partying for excited players and fans alike, and there was no exception for MVP Tom Brady. However, even the star quarterback’s celebrations have people turning their heads. Keep reading to learn why Tom Brady’s behavior at the Super Bowl boat parade raised a few eyebrows.

Tom Brady seems to have taken his celebrations seriously

Of course, all eyes were on Tom Brady’s multi-million dollar yacht as it cruised through Tampa’s Hillsborough River, around Harbour Island, and through the Ybor Channel as part of the Super Bowl LV victory parade, according to TMZ. However, Brady raised a few eyebrows when his celebration seemed to get the best of him, as he was unable to walk off his boat without the help of security — and one might assume it wasn’t because his boat legs aren’t in shape.

The video shows the dad of three grinning wide as he gets guided past reporters, with the football star at times shouting something indistinguishable.  People quickly shared their thoughts on the spectacle, with many agreeing that he may have partied a bit too hard. “Tom Brady finally showed his age. He was the drunk uncle today. I’m crying,” former NFL player Torrey Smith tweeted. “Tom Brady partied hard today!” another user commented. An additional amused viewer sarcastically wrote, “I get a little sea legs when I get off of a boat too,” along with a beer-clinking emoji.

Furthermore, Brady caused a stir when he threw the Lombardi Trophy off his boat — over the water — and onto another vessel full of teammates, as reported by TMZ. Luckily, the trophy got caught, and divers were not required to locate it at the bottom of the river.

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