• Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Tom Holland & Zendaya's Love Threatens The World In First Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer! WATCH!

Aug 24, 2021

Sony doesn’t have the best track record with leaks… but at least they have a new plan in place: it’s called “screw it, put it out anyway!”

As you may have seen trending wildly on Twitter all day, the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer leaked Monday morning, and either it was only a few hours early… or Sony caught wind of the leak and decided to drop the vid ahead of schedule.

Makes sense, honestly — you don’t want fans’ first images to be in 180p like it’s YouTube from 15 years ago. Oh, and speaking of things from another time…

Oh yes, at least some of the rumors and speculation were true! The movie does have to do with a multiverse and feature at villains from other Spider-Man movies. Movies that starred actors other than Tom Holland.

Does that mean Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are in there, as has been widely rumored for months now? You’ll just have to look close and see for yourself!

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