Chicken has come home to roost!

Tory Burch’s missing pup Chicken is “home safe,” the relieved designer said Wednesday.

Burch’s 7-month-old miniature poodle got spooked Sunday night and ran off while the fashion mogul was walking the dog nearby East 62nd Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan, a police source previously told The Post.

The panicked 53-year-old, who lives on the Upper East Side, then went on Instagram Tuesday, pleading with New Yorkers to “help us find Chicken,” and even offered up a $10,000 reward for the return of the pooch.

Police said that a couple, unknown to Burch, had found the dog.

In a new post on Instagram Wednesday, Burch revealed the good news.

“Our Chicken is home! Thank you to the couple who found her, kept her safe and brought her home,” Burch wrote in the post. “Thank you so much to everyone who reached out and for all of your support — especially the pet-lovers of NYC.”

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