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Weezer Announce Pumpkin Carving Contest With Billboard As A Prize

Oct 25, 2022

Weezer have announced “Weezerween,” a pumpkin carving contest for their fans with a very special prize for the winner.

“We’re giving away a billboard for the best Weezer pumpkin,” read a tweet from the band, along with a pumpkin and knife emoji.

“Get off on the pain of carving, painting, or decorating your Weezer themed pumpkin,” reads a message on weezerween.com. “One lucky winner will receive their very own billboard somewhere in America congratulating them for winning the contest.”

The creator of the pick of the patch will also get “a Weezer Chia Pet, the Raven Hoodie and a Spooky Tree tee.”

Weezer are currently accepting entries for the contest, which runs through Halloween on October 31.

(Photo: Sean Murphy)

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