WWE star Jimmy Uso swerved all over the road while speeding before he was arrested for DUI … and TMZ Sports has obtained the police footage that shows the scary scene.

The 34-year-old wrestler was busted back on July 25 in Escambia County, Florida after cops say they noticed Uso driving recklessly throughout the night in his Cadillac Escalade.

New police video shows the moment when an officer catches Uso — real name Jonathan Fatu — in the act … and it’s frightening.

Uso is all over the road … bouncing from side to side in his lane — even at one point crossing the double yellow line — all while the cop clocks him at 86 MPH in a 45.

Eventually, the officer was able to pull him over … and, you can see in the video, Uso looks trashed.

The 6’3″, 251-pound wrestler was stumbling as he walked to the back of his car … and when the cop tried to take him to a nearby parking lot to complete field sobriety tests, Uso talked in circles.

Jimmy kept questioning what was happening … and aggressively asked the officer several times why he couldn’t have his lawyer present during the stop.

Eventually, the cop got fed up with Uso and arrested him for DUI. And, in fact, in the police report, the cop says Uso reeked so much of alcohol, he had to roll down his window on the ride to county jail.

Jimmy was eventually hit with misdemeanor DUI … and he’s been fighting the charge in court over the last few months — with his next hearing set for next week.

Of course, this is the SECOND time Uso’s had issues with law enforcement this year — remember, back in February, he was arrested in Michigan after cops say he tried to fight them during a traffic stop.

In that case, Uso struck a plea deal and was ordered to pay $450 in fines.

Uso is a big deal in the pro wrestling world — his father is WWE legend Rikishi and his cousins are The Rock and Roman Reigns.

Jimmy and his brother, Jey, are tag team partners who are ex-SmackDown Tag Team champs.

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