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10 Of The Most Popular Tourist Sights In NYC On Instagram Vs. IRL

Jun 30, 2019

1.The Brooklyn Bridge on Instagram:


Imagine strolling across this architectural masterpiece all by yourself.

The Brooklyn Bridge in reality:

In your dreams!

2.Grand Central on Instagram:


Is it any wonder this beautiful Beaux-Arts building is one of the 10 most-visited tourist attractions in the world?

Grand Central in reality:

Just keep in mind 750,000 people pass through this bustling transportation hub each and every day.

3.The Statue of Liberty on Instagram:


Lady Liberty up close is truly a sight to behold.

The Statue of Liberty in reality:

But good luck snapping a decent photo from the Staten Island Ferry.

4.Times Square on Instagram:


Behold, the Crossroads of the World all aglow.

Times Square in reality:

Aglow, yes. Jam-packed with tourists craning their necks skyward? Also yes.

5.Central Park on Instagram:


The urban oasis provides some much-needed relief from the crowds of Midtown.

Central Park in reality:

Lol, jk.

6.Coney Island on Instagram:


Fun, beachy vibes all summer long!

Coney Island in reality:

But mostly long lines for Nathan’s Famous hot dogs.

7.The Empire State Building Observation Deck on Instagram:


Just look at that view!!!

The Empire State Building Observation Deck in reality:

Oh wait…

8.Yankee Stadium on Instagram:



Yankee Stadium in reality:


9.The High Line on Instagram:


There’s no better way to see the West Side of Manhattan (and some very luxurious apartments along the way).

The High Line in reality:

Just don’t expect to have the park to yourself.

10.Rockefeller Center on Instagram:


Rockefeller Center has it all: art, architecture, shopping, dining, studio tours…

Rockefeller Center in reality:

…and thousands of amateur ice skaters.

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