1.These two cats that found homes next door to each other:

2.This cat that saw what they wanted and took it:

3.And this cat that didn’t have a care in the world:

4.This literary cat:

5.This cat that has an…interesting sleeping preference:

6.This cat that tried to grow a new cat by planting themselves:

7.This cat that refused to abide by any rules:

8.This cat that found a way to get cuddled by the couch:

9.This cat that knew they’d get more attention here than in some luxury bed:

10.This cat that chose an air fryer box so often that their owner caved and put a towel inside of it:

11.This cat that took their owner’s backpack hostage:

12.This cat that just wanted a bed that made noise:

13.This cat that knew cardboard is way more comfortable:

14.These kittens that saw a cup holder and coordinated accordingly:

15.And finally, this cat that took some creative liberties for the sake of a nap:

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