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17 Movies That Really Screwed With People's Heads

Jul 14, 2019

Recently a Reddit thread asked users, “What movie fucked you up mentally?”

Soon, the thread gained a ton of comments as people told what movies left them feeling messed up. Here are the best responses:

1.The Blair Witch Project

“I watched it in my early teens with no concept of what documentary or found footage was. In my mind it was all real and the last scene was golden.”


2.Fire in the Sky

“I saw this when I was 8 or 9. I walked into my aunt’s room during the operating scene and everything about it it plus the aliens freaked me out.”


3.Human Centipede

“I couldn’t eat for a while after that one!”


4.Schindler’s List

“Great movie, but it’s disturbing to know it actually happened and wasn’t just a screenplay.”



“It took my 10-year-old self quite a while to get back in the water.”


6.Flowers in the Attic

“I was paranoid of my mother poisoning me growing up. It was some fucked up shit.”


7.A Serbian Film

“The ending was so fucked. The last 30 seconds it was like a kick to the gut after already being beat up.”


8.Good Will Hunting

“The part where Sean explains to Will that although he knows almost everything, he will never know what it’s like to look in the eye’s of your best friend as he’s dying in war or what it’s like to lose a wife to cancer.”


9.Saving Private Ryan

“I turned on the TV and thought it was a Disney movie so I watched it. But holy crap, my tiny brain wasn’t ready for that trauma.”


10.Hotel Rwanda

“I remember watching it as a freshman at high school. I realized the world wasn’t even close to the way I thought it was.”


11.What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

“I grew up in a very similar situation with my family and so this movie scared the shit out of me.”


12.The Fourth Kind

“For weeks after watching this, it seemed like I would always wake up at exactly 3:33 A.M. and I was deathly afraid to be outside at night.”


13.Return to Oz

“This movie is targeted at children and it starts with Dorothy getting electroshocks in an asylum because no one believe in her stories about Oz.”


14.Requiem for a Dream

“I still get bothered thinking about some of the scenes in that.”



“It had me sleeping with the light on for a while.”


16.The Green Mile

“The execution without a soaked sponge still haunts me.”


17.Dead Poets Society

“It starts with such a hopeful tone and just completely punches the viewer in the face with reality.”


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What movie completely left you messed up? Let us know in the comments.

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