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17 Waxing Horror Stories Professional Waxers Have Actually Experienced

Jul 21, 2019

Recently, we asked the estheticians of the BuzzFeed Community about the wildest experiences they’ve had while waxing people. Here are some of their horrific, HORRIFIC stories!!!

1.Green With Envy

“Once, when I pulled a strip from between a woman’s cheeks, there was a line of green diarrhea on it.”


2.The Flight of the Tampon

“My friend once got a bikini wax while she had a tampon in. When the esthetician ripped off one particular cloth strip, the tampon string got stuck to it and flew straight across the room.

—Community user

3.The Powder Poof

“When I was doing a Brazilian on someone, I put powder down so the wax would adhere to the hair and not the skin. Well, apparently this woman had to fart, and the second I put the powder down — *POOF!* Hello, powder fart!”

—Community user

4.The Gassy Lassie

I had one client who farted throughout her entire service. Her foot would twitch every time she was about to let one loose. Good thing she wore her sleep mask so she couldn’t see the looks I was giving her.”


5.Unlucky Labia

“During my training, I accidentally waxed a lady’s labia together.”


6.Ticked Off

“A girl at a salon I went to told me she once had a lady on the table for a wax, and a tick crawled out of her pubes.

—Community user

7.Crusty and Conservative

I had a client who seemed pretty conservative scheduled for a Brazilian one evening — she was a middle-aged woman, PTA president, etc. I took her back to the treatment room and just after I closed the door, she said, ‘Do you have any wipes? My husband and I had crazy sex last night and I haven’t showered, so I’m kind of CRUSTY!’


8.Plucked and Preggo

While waxing a Brazilian on a VERY pregnant woman, her mucus plug decided to come out on my table. She totally freaked out. We finished the wax and then off to the delivery room she went!”


9.The Beach Bush

“A client once came straight from the beach. When I applied the wax, I felt my spatula scraping on something. Her bush was full of sand!


10.The Big Fan

My clients had a tendency to become very embarrassed when I would run into them outside of the salon. I ran into a client of mine at my cousin’s wedding. After several drinks, she came up to me and very excitedly said, ‘I have someone who wants to meet you.’ Her boyfriend then drunkenly introduced himself and said, ‘I really love your work!’


11.The Bit of the Clit

“Before my esthetician teacher started waxing a woman with a huge bush, she decided to give her a trim with scissors first. As she was cutting, she looked down and accidentally cut off A PIECE OF HER CLIT!!!


12.The “Biohazardous Fluid”

“I had a client for years who would come in regularly for a Brazilian wax, and EVERY TIME it was very clear she had had sex without a condom VERY recently. I eventually had to tell her that I couldn’t keep doing her waxes with biohazardous fluid all over my table. She said she thought I wouldn’t notice!”

—Community user

13.The Glob Slob

“This girl came in for a Brazilian just having had her third kid a few weeks prior. I started waxing when I saw she was discharging. No big deal. But when I ripped off the wax, that glob of discharge went FLYING. Where did it land?! ON MY ARM!

—Community user

14.The Cruise Ship Slip

“When I worked in a spa on a cruise ship, I had a teenage girl come in for an eyebrow wax. The weather wasn’t fantastic that day as the ocean was a little rough. We hit a particularly rough patch and the wax I had on my spatula went flying — it hit the walls, covered the floor, and got all up in my client’s hair!

—Community user

15.The Badder Bladder

“One day when I was getting a Brazilian, the esthetician pushed down a little too hard on my bladder. I ended up peeing all over her table, floor, robe, and slippers. Safe to say I never went back!”

—Community user

16.The Tale of the Pink Pubes

“My instructor once had a woman in for a Brazilian wax and the woman brought along her “dom.” The dom came into the room with the woman and told my instructor that he wanted the woman’s pubic hair waxed into the shape of a heart. The best part? When my instructor was about to start, she saw that the woman’s pubic hair had been dyed pink!!!

—Community user

17.The Queen of the Queef

When I used to wax, an older lady queefed during one of our sessions. It was awkwardly silent for a few seconds, then she let out an embarrassed chuckle and said, ‘Whoopsie!’ The rest of the session was completely silent.”

—Community user

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