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23 More Small Things Other People Do That'll Annoy You In A Big Way

Jul 20, 2019

We recently took a look at some incredibly relatable stories shared by Reddit users regarding tiny, everyday things that infuriate them more than anything else. These hilariously true moments sparked even MORE great responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community! Here are just a few of the best:

1.“When people cut you off in traffic at the last possible second before a turn, entryway, exit, etc. Like OK, people get lost, you may not have realized your turn was coming up, I get it…but DO NOT CUT ME OFF. Just wait your turn!”


2.“When you find yourself becoming the designated toilet paper roll replacer. This mostly happens at work.”


3.“When people wear headphones all the time. It’s one thing if you’re exercising or on a plane or something, but if I’m hanging out with you and you have an earbud in one ear the entire time, I’m going to leave because that’s incredibly rude.”


4.“When you’ve been thinking about eating something when you get home all day, but — when you get home — you find out someone already ate whatever it was.”


5.“When people smoke DIRECTLY in front of the door. Also, bonus points for when they just stand there and don’t help while someone is struggling to open or close the door.”


6.“When you’re in a public space like the mall or an amusement park and there’s a family of six or more people coming at you, walking side by side, holding hands like a tidal wave. The best is when they get surprised after you stand your ground and walk right up to them and stop.”


7.“When people just silently stand behind you while you’re doing something. I always feel like they’re trying to get my attention, but often they’re just watching me, and it’s so hard for me to concentrate.”


8.“When someone’s walking a little too slow, so you try to speed up to pass them, but then they speed up so you can’t. Then you’re stuck in an inadvertent speeding competition with them and it’s like, damn, I just want to catch this train!”


9.“When people throw away stuff that’s yours without asking first, usually after you put it in the fridge. I shouldn’t have to put labels on EVERYTHING I own.”


10.“When the two parts of a sliding lock on a public bathroom stall door don’t line up. Like, you messed up literally the most important step and didn’t bother to fix it?!”


11.“When tea drinkers leave the used teabag in the sink or on the bench top instead of putting it in the rubbish bin.”


12.“When people get way too close to you/don’t know how to say, ‘excuse me.’ For instance, the other day at the grocery store I was looking for some eggs and this lady just reached around me to grab something. JUST SAY EXCUSE ME.”


13.“When people get frantic as they try to grab their suitcase off of the baggage claim carousel at the airport — as if they think it’s going to burst into flames if they don’t grab it the first time it goes by???”


14.“When you show someone a picture on your phone, and they start swiping through all of them without asking first.”


15.“When you call someone and they don’t answer, so you leave a detailed voicemail message…only for them to call back right after you hang up without bothering to check what the voice message said.”


16.“When you drop your phone between the seat of your car and the center console and — just when you manage to get it back — you lose your grip and it falls again.”


17.“When you’re trying to work and a coworker is in your space sharing an inane story that doesn’t have a point, but you can’t escape.”


18.“When someone licks their finger before touching a piece of paper they’re going to hand me. NO.”


19.“When I’m talking and someone cuts me off in conversation, so I keep talking over them, then THEY say something like, ‘Excuse me I was speaking!’ THEY get offended that I dare interrupt THEM! You interrupted me first?!”


20.“When you’re in class and the teacher erases the board, but leaves ONE LITTLE MARK. It’s impossible to ignore!”


21.“When people tell me to ‘calm down’ or ‘stop being upset.’ I could be completely fine, but as soon as someone (usually my mom) says one of those, my rage meter goes to 100.”


22.“When someone makes something in the microwave, stops it before it’s done, then leaves it instead of changing it back to the time.”


23.“When someone tries to ‘correct’ you if you respond to ‘Thank you’ with something like ‘No problem.’ There is a REASON that some people are uncomfortable with ‘You’re welcome,’ because what you’re essentially saying is, ‘You are welcome to my service again.’ Some people just don’t want to leave a social obligation standing open like that.”


Now it’s your turn! What’s a small, simple thing that happens in everyday life that makes you absolutely irate? Share yours in the comments below!

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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