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28 Of The Pettiest Reasons People Broke Up With Their Significant Other

Jul 21, 2019

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the pettiest reason they’ve ever broken up with someone. Here are the wild results.

1.“We went to Subway and he got an egg salad sub and absolutely covered it in BBQ sauce and mayo. I was completely disgusted, so we stopped hanging out.”


2.“I dumped a guy after three months of dating because he told me Pumbaa from The Lion King was a rhino. There’s literally a line in the move that says he’s a warthog!”


3.“I once broke up with a guy because he picked me up for date night in a jeep (with the top down) after I had just gotten my hair done.”


4.“His head was too round. It was distracting.”


5.“I didn’t want to have to buy my boyfriend of three months a Christmas gift, so I just broke up with him instead.”


6.“He kissed me with his eyes open. It made me uncomfortable.”


7.“He called me at 3 a.m. to talk and it woke me up. I dumped him right there and then.”


8.“He pronounced it ‘Valentime’s Day.'”


9.“We were at an arts fair that had a frozen bananas booth. I heard him sincerely call bananas ‘nanners.’ I had to end it right there.”


10.“He used an aftershave that smelled like vanilla sugar. It was like making out with a candle. I had to end it.”


11.“We were making out in his bed. I looked over and saw a moldy piece of pizza on his desk. I pointed it out, and he said, ‘I know. I’m too lazy to throw it away.’ Done.”


12.“Went on one date with a guy, saw he ate fries while holding his pinkie out, and that was it.”


13.“I once broke up with a guy because he picked up my book and said ‘Oh. No pictures.'”


14.“When I was 17 he took me out for gelato, and then we made out in a park. All I could taste was the disgusting gelato flavor he chose, so the next weekend I told him I didn’t want to keep hanging out.”


15.“One time I broke up with a guy solely on the fact that he didn’t like the movie Elf.”


16.“His name was Justin. Mine is Justine. I hated the never-ending jokes we got, so I had to end it.”


17.“He would pick up his plate and lick it clean. Then, he would set it down, lick his finger, and scrape up any bits that he missed. When I saw him lick a KFC styrofoam bowl so clean that it looked new, then proudly put the licked lid on top, I was done.”


18.“Broke up with someone when he argued with me that ‘sans’ wasn’t a word. I used it in a sentence, and he essentially told me I was being dumb and that it’s not a word. I just couldn’t after that.”


19.“There was no direct route from my place to his, and I got tired of having to drive all the windy back roads, so I broke up with him.”


20.“I looked up at him while we were having sex, realized he looked like a turtle when he was having an orgasm, and dumped him the next day. I just couldn’t.”


21.“While watching a movie at my place, he was snacking on Cheetos. I saw him wipe his cheese fingers on my blanket! I asked if he’d like me to get him a napkin, and he said no. I asked him to leave and to take his cheese fingers with him.”


22.“I dumped a guy who moaned more than I did during sex. It was too distracting.”


23.“I dropped a bloke after a few dates because he had really bad posture. It irritated me way more than it should have!”


24.“He had these tiny, thin fish lips, and when he kissed me I felt like throwing up. One time he tried to kiss me with chapped lips and to ‘fix it’ he licked them… but wet, dead skin hung off his lips. It made my skin crawl, so I just left and never spoke to him again.”


25.“Was dating someone for two months. He ordered his steak well-done, so I had to end it.”


26.“I broke up with someone in middle school because he didn’t capitalize “I” when he wrote “i love you.” I guess I was destined to be an English teacher even then.”


27.“I didn’t like the way he held his spoon…”


28.And “My pettiest was definitely in high school. He broke up with me but then we got back together. Then I quickly ended it the second time because I wanted to even the score.”


Do you have a better or funnier story? Tell us the pettiest thing you’ve ever done in the comments below!

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