1.Having one or two Garbage Pail Kids cards that grossed you out so much you kept them at the bottom of a drawer:

31.Having at least one Art Deco revival vase or lamp in your house and thinking it was fancy:

32.Getting a craving for pizza while playing Pizza Party:

33.And feeling like Indiana Jones when playing Fireball Island:

34.Low-key judging the messy characters from Sweet Pickles:

35.Trying to avoid, but ultimately burning yourself with the metal seat buckles on hot summer days:

36.Getting a thrill whenever the F.H.E. logo appeared before your favorite video:

37.Secretly licking the foil from a Ding Dong wrapper after you were done eating it:

38.Running straight to the sticker section whenever you went to a craft or stationery store:

39.Also, having a ton of teddy bear stickers (why did the ’80s love teddy bear stickers?):

40.Have the Fisher-Price Little People Parking Ramp play set and only playing with it by having the cars race down the ramp:

41.Dropping your lemonade or punch at least once ’cause you carried this pitcher by its handle (the handle was USELESS!!!):

42.Drinking your mom’s Crystal Light behind her back ’cause it was so good:

43.Thinking Whatchamacallit was some kind of bougie, avant-garde candy because of the commercial for it:

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44.Always anticipating that little bit of plastic flavor whenever you drank from one of these thermoses:

45.Immediately flipping to all the different outcomes you could get when reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book:

46.Being terrified of these monster Cabbage Patch Kids dolls:

47.Making sure you always got an Icee whenever you went to K-Mart or Target with your parents:

48.Thinking you were hot shit if you had one of these radio alarm clocks in your room:

49.Immediately regretting sitting on one of these folding chairs if you were wearing shorts:

50.Thinking General Foods International Coffees were the fanciest coffees you could drink because of the commercials:

51.Going to your grandma’s and seeing this exact Tupperware set…

52.…and a ceramic clog knickknack or two (which you would of course play with):

53.Being told not to play near giant TV satellite dishes ’cause it wasn’t good for you:

54.Getting random frisbees as promotional give-aways:

55.Playing with Aerobie for the first time and having your mind-blown at how far it could travel:

56.Starting out your day with one of these ~nutritious~ breakfasts before heading out to school:

57.Storing your eraser collections and pencils in cool cardboard pencil boxes at school:

58.Thinking Hootbot was super cute until its eyes turned red and freaked you out:

59.Putting on the radio just so you could watch the Coca-Cola dance along to the music:

60.And finally, having Jem vs. Barbie and the Rockers as your first stan war:

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