With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list is the release of Raf Simons‘ highly-anticipated Archive Redux release. Digging into the archives, the Belgian designer selected an expansive range of wares from the last 25 years to reissue to offer another chance at grails. Followed by the restock of the Travis Scott x Byredo “Space Rage” perfume and candle that sold out instantly last year.

This week we have major collaborations in the form of Off-White™‘s vintage hoodies covered in fluorescent hues exclusively for Dover Street Market and the Disney x Levi’s “Sure Is Swell” capsule celebrating the Mickey Mouse gang. Other standout team-ups include the mindseeker x Dickies collection that reimagines workwear and NOAH‘s ’80s skateboarding DC Comics Batman collection.

Aside from Drop 2 of South Korean label GORT‘s Fall/Winter 2020 collection, rounding up this week’s important releases is 99%IS-‘s reissue of South Korean designer Bajowoo‘s signature D1SPOSABLE MASK.1 of 5

99%is-2 of 5

99%is-3 of 5

99%is-4 of 5

99%is-5 of 5



When: Now
Where: 99%IS-1 of 10

Dover Street Market2 of 10

Dover Street Market3 of 10

Dover Street Market4 of 10

Dover Street Market5 of 10

Dover Street Market6 of 10

Dover Street Market7 of 10

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Dover Street Market9 of 10

Dover Street Market10 of 10

Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market x Off-White™ Vintage Hoodies

When: Now
Where: Dover Street Market1 of 36

432hz2 of 36

432hz3 of 36

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432hz36 of 36


GORT Fall/Winter 2020 Drop 2

When: Now
Where: 432Hz


Travis Scott x Byredo “Space Rage” Perfume and Candle Restock

When: Now
Where: Byredo1 of 16

Levi’s2 of 16

Levi’s3 of 16

Levi’s4 of 16

Levi’s5 of 16

Levi’s6 of 16

Levi’s7 of 16

Levi’s8 of 16

Levi’s9 of 16

Levi’s10 of 16

Levi’s11 of 16

Levi’s12 of 16

Levi’s13 of 16

Levi’s14 of 16

Levi’s15 of 16

Levi’s16 of 16


Disney x Levi’s “Sure Is Swell” Collection

When: Now
Where: Levi’s1 of 9

Matchesfashion.com2 of 9

Matchesfashion.com3 of 9

Matchesfashion.com4 of 9

Matchesfashion.com5 of 9

Matchesfashion.com6 of 9

Matchesfashion.com7 of 9

Matchesfashion.com8 of 9

Matchesfashion.com9 of 9


Raf Simons Archive Redux Release

When: Now

Mindseeker2 of 9

Mindseeker3 of 9

Mindseeker4 of 9

Mindseeker5 of 9

Mindseeker6 of 9

Mindseeker7 of 9

Mindseeker8 of 9

Mindseeker9 of 9


mindseeker × Dickies Capsule

When: January 23
Where: mindseeker1 of 6

Noah2 of 6

Noah3 of 6

Noah4 of 6

Noah5 of 6

Noah6 of 6


Batman x NOAH Capsule

When: January 23
Where: NOAH
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