• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Alejandro Cardenas Casts His Futuristic Canine in Sleek Bronze

Jan 4, 2023

Alejandro Cardenas is a Chilean-born, New York-based artist best known for creating anthropomorphic figures that are cast in a surreal future, where humans coexist harmoniously with the environment. His most recognizable character is a bird-like canine that looks like a cross between an Italian greyhound and a Dalí painting.

Made in collaboration with Case Studyo, Cardenas brings his signature dog in three dimensions through Advanced Canid Unit. Unlike his paintings, the canine is crafted in a smooth bronze base with a pastel green or red orange front leg finish. “The elongated head remains forever vigilant as the canine creature fearlessly offers loyalty and protection to its keeper. Acting as a trustworthy guard and faithful companion the sculpture is valuable addition to every domestic domain,” wrote a release by Case Studyo.

Each iteration of the sculpture is limited to an edition of eight, plus four artist proofs. The artwork comes packaged in a custom screen-printed collectors box, along with a certificate signed and numbered by the artist. For those looking to purchase, please contact Case Studyo.

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