Forty-one minutes and 14 seconds later, and I just have one question: is everyone OK?! Ariana Grande’s sixth studio album, Positions, is a sexual, hyped-up, passionate record that reinstates that Grande herself is, in fact, more than OK. She’s thriving. She sings about healthy relationships, healthy lifestyle changes, and reflects on her past. In the fifth song, “Off the Table,” Grande once again teams up with The Weeknd, where the two tug at our heartstrings and think deeply about important relationships from their pasts.

There’s no denying that Positions is a bedroom playlist on it’s own — I mean, the song “34+35” speaks for itself (we’ll let you do the math). And The Weeknd has released his fair share of songs about sex — shout-out to Trilogy. But their collaboration for “Off the Table” truly transcends the bedroom and flies right into our feels. It’s an emotional ballad where Grande questions if she’ll ever be able to love someone deeply again and if she’s

ready to dive into a serious relationship.

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