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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals the Status of His Relationship With Ex Maria Shriver After His Cheating Scandal

May 17, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to make one thing very clear: he is taking accountability for the failure of his marriage to Maria Shriver. His well-documented affair with the family’s housekeeper, Mildred Baena, resulted in his youngest son, Joseph, 25, and he will be spilling more tea soon in a new Netflix three-part documentary, Arnold.

Schwarzenegger is pretty frank when he talks about the demise of his marriage, calling it “my f**kup” and “my failure” to The Hollywood Reporter. The writer asked him if he missed being married, but the 75-year-old action star is pretty blunt, responding, “No.” He added, “[The divorce] was very, very difficult in the beginning. Eventually, you move on. I have a wonderful girlfriend, [physical therapist] Heather Milligan, who is very successful. I’m really proud of her, and I love her. At the same time, I love my wife.” Yes, he did just say, “wife.”

But don’t get any wrong ideas, his former romantic relationship with Shriver is strictly platonic these days. “She and I are really good friends and very close, and we are very proud of the way we raised our kids,” Schwarzenegger proudly said. “Even though we had this drama, we did Easter together, Mother’s Day together, the Christmases together, all birthdays — everything together.” So, it sounds like they are co-parenting and co-grandparenting quite amicably these days.

Schwarzenegger even goes on to brag about how well they navigated a very tumultuous time, suggesting that they deserve an Oscar for “how to handle divorce.” He confidently summed up, “Maria and I should get it for having the least amount of impact on the kids. The sweetness and kindness you see in them, that’s from my wife. The discipline and work ethic is from me.” Schwarzenegger definitely has a healthy ego — and what sounds like a loving relationship with every member of his family.

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