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Arrival Unveils Its First Electric Vehicle Designed for Uber Drivers

Dec 17, 2021

After announcing their partnership back in May, Uber and Arrival have now unveiled the Arrival Car, a collaborative EV designed specifically for ridesharing.

Designed primarily with functionality and comfort in mind, the new vehicle carries a very simple design on its exterior, largely resembling a minivan with a slightly more futuristic twist. An elongated windshield extends upwards to cover the length of the roof, giving both the driver and passengers a roomier and more relaxed riding experience, while a boxed rear provides enough luggage space for two large suitcases and two smaller ones.

As you’d expect, a lot of the main focus was placed on the interior instead, making sure there’s enough room for drivers who spend hours on end stuck inside the vehicle and passengers at the back even if their trips are relatively shorter. Despite sharing a similar footprint as the Volkswagen Golf, the Arrival Car actually boasts more legroom than London’s Black Cabs. You’ll be able to fold down the front passenger seat as well if you need even more space for the cabin behind. On the driver’s side, there’s also a large 13-inch display on the dashboard to keep things clean and simple while offering abundant functionality.

With production aimed for 2023, many details still remain unknown, including its battery capacity and range, its power, and most importantly its price tag, but Arrival and Uber will no doubt release more information in the near future.

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