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atmos and Coca-Cola Dress Upcoming [email protected] Set in Retro Coke Adverts

Oct 19, 2021

Following a paint-splattered [email protected] by Jackson Pollock Studios,  Medicom Toy is back with a limited-edition “Type-5” [email protected] set in collaboration with atmos and Coca-Cola. The joint release is the trio’s second offering, having dropped two [email protected] designs back in 2019 featuring a “Clear Body” figure decorated with a collage of  Coca-Cola logos spelled in different languages, and a “Checkerboard” figure in Coke slogans.

The upcoming set includes 400% and 100% [email protected] housed in a large shoebox. Figures feature retro 2:1 proportion Coca-Cola advertisements dressed throughout with a blue atmos logo across the body. The cardboard shoebox packaging embodies the same aesthetic with Coca-Cola and atmos co-branding displayed on the top panel.

The raffle is open from October 19 to October 22, and winners will be updated on October 23. The upcoming atmos x Coca-Cola “Type-5” [email protected] are currently only available to people who live in Japan with a global release yet to be announced. Find the raffle linked here.

In other news, Gucci x Hot Wheels Cadillac Seville lands on Hot Wheels Unleashed.
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