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Barack & Michelle Obama Wrote Malia the Cheesiest 21st Birthday Post

Jul 5, 2019

Yesterday didn’t mark just the fourth of July but also a very significant milestone in the lives of the Obamas. The former President’s daughter, Malia turned 21 on Thursday, and Barack and Michelle Obama celebrated Malia’s birthday with a throwback photo. Oh, how we miss this family.

Posted to Barack Obama’s Instagram, the proud papa took time to celebrate both America’s independence and his daughter’s transition into adulthood: “Happy Fourth of July, everybody! This is always a great day in the Obama family: a chance to celebrate America—and Malia’s birthday, too. Hope all of you are able to get some time with friends, family, and fireworks.” It’s not known what Malia did to actually celebrate her birthday, though now she can officially have a birthday drink. Malia is currently in her third year at Harvard University, following in the footsteps of her famous parents.


The family has been on an extended European vacation over the past month. Photos of Michelle Obama with natural hair flooded social media, with a variety of different opinions on the newsworthiness of the subject. As for Malia’s little sister, Sasha just recently graduated from high school and is expected to go to college sometime in the fall.

It’s such a shock to realize that Malia was only 10 when her dad was elected President, and now she’s 21. Time certainly flies though, regardless, happy belated birthday, Malia!

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