Want a wefie with one of the Blackpink singers at their concerts?

Make sure you have a Samsung phone to stand out from the competition, and attract Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo or Rose to grab the phone from you and snap a photo.

The four members of the super South Korean girl group take their spokesmen role for the phone maker seriously, and try to ring up maximum mileage for the brand.

The video for their massive Kill This Love hit, for example, ramps up the exposure with Lisa and Jennie wielding the S10 model.

That video has become the fastest K-pop group video to breach the 550 million viewership mark on YouTube.

While Rose, Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo are certain to have been given Samsung phones, they are likely to have other phones that they use in their private lives.

But they try not to call attention to other alternatives, with their minders careful to vet the photographs of the quartet in their private moments before the pictures are posted on their social media accounts.

If the photos show other makes, the phones are blurred or edited out.

Still, the occasional slip-up occurs, with the koreaboo portal reporting that sharp-eyed netizens have spotted iPhones in the photos.

But Samsung has not taken offence and hung up on the quartet.

Knowing how successful the group are, it recently signalled its trust in their marketing value with a Blackpink edition of the Galaxy A80 smartphone.

Smart marketing call, that.

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