“Theres not many places that come close to Los Angeles,” says Southern California native Steven Harrington about his relationship with art and his home. “If you look at my work, it’s filled with a lot of in-between colors, they’re not quite red, not quite green, it’s that kind of sun-bleached, faded-ness that’s very reflective of California and where I’m from.” The artist and designer found himself tapped most recently by Bombay Sapphire to collaborate on a new version of their iconic blue bottle. During the process, Harrington found starting out to be the most difficult part so he began with simply getting little scratches on the page and from there he was able to use his personal background and external surroundings to explore and push himself further to find what he really wanted to say and evoke with this Bombay Sapphire bottle.

This new collaboration came by way of Harrington through fellow art peer, Hebru Brantley, who also recently had his own Bombay bottle collaboration earlier this year and introduced him to the project. From there things just kind of naturally led Steven into designing a limited-edition bottle. For Harrington, much like Bombay as a brand, getting to this place of sustained success certainly didn’t happen overnight. “That slow progression and slow journey is part of the thing that I’m interested in,” explains Harrington. “Because that’s where I’ve found I’ve learned the most.” This constant learning and evolving process served him well with this collaboration, allowing for the designer to digest all the moving parts of the famed liquor brand, how it’s stood the test-of-time and ultimately, reflect this upon the bottle.

With the Sapphire specifically, it has a lot to do with the fact that the classic Sapphire line contains 10 hand-selected botanicals from exotic locations around the world. “When I was designing out the bottle, it was really about trying to envision and construct this whole new world,” says Harrington. “I was also interested in how sustainable the sourcing is in the botanicals. I really wanted to highlight some of that stuff.” And he did, showcasing these subtle details in the artwork by adding illustrations along the bottom like the lemon peel, almonds for the almond powder and juniper berries. From there, the rest of the creation is akin to Harrington’s own unique personal style, honing in on a mix of bright colors, psychedelic-pop and tongue-in-cheek graphics that really bring the flavor and fun out of the Bombay Sapphire collection.

Watch the video above as Harrington walks us through the process of creating the all-new Bombay bottle under the California sun and head to the reserve bar site now to learn more about the latest limited-edition Sapphire collaboration.

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