Steven Cheung was shamed by his long-time girlfriend April Leung when he announced out of the blue in July that he was going to marry model Au Man-man.

He dropped another bombshell, posting a photo of the couple celebrating their baby’s 100 days.

Leung went on the attack online, blasting that Cheung had hurt her by not revealing the facts to her personally.

According to media outlets, he had told Leung that he was attending a banquet but omitted to say that it was linked to his son’s 100-day celebration.

In other posts, Leung also asked Cheung, one half of pop duo Boyz, to pay back money owing to her.

Now, Cheung, 34, whose fortunes have dived after the public backlash over his treatment of Leung, has finally managed to settle his debt, returning a six-figure amount she had coughed out for rent.

Cheung, who works in a hotel doing odd jobs, said he is also open to other types of work recommended by his contacts, the portal reported.

Cheung, who noted that the scandal has changed him, added that he is sorry that he let down other people, including his Boyz partner Kenny Kwan.

Admitting that he never owned up to his mistakes in the past, Cheung said he will now be more responsible.

“I will continue to forge a new path for the sake of my family. I want to be a better person and start a new life.”

Leung has also turned the corner, telling media that she went to Thailand to find peace in yoga classes.

She cut herself off from worldly distractions by severely limiting the use of her mobile phone.

The sand, sun and sea in Phuket have been good for her.

Waking up at 6am, Leung said she learnt how to get past her depression by sharing her problems with other people in her classes, noting that it is crucial to know how to love herself.

Referring to Cheung’s post-scandal life, she noted that they both have “homework to do” to get to a better stage.

For Kwan, that stage happened when his agency bailed him out from the pain of a Boyz concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum that was canned after the cheating scandal broke.

It eventually arranged for him to hold two solo shows at the same venue in September, with backing from top singers such as Joey Yung and Leo Ku.

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