Capcom has released a coat modeled after the piece protagonist Chris Redfield wears in Resident Evil Village, as seen in the trailer unveiled back in September. It’s a Japan-exclusive garment that comes with a price tag of ¥159,731 JPY (approximately $1,500 USD).

Remaining faithful to the coat’s design in the game, the piece comes without any buttons. There are four sizes available: Medium, Large, Extra Large and “Original Model.” Those who want to get as close to Redfield’s look as possible can opt for the latter size as it’s aligned with the character’s in-game proportions. Capcom has also made it clear in the product’s description that the size of “Original Model” comes very close to the coat Resident Evil Village‘s developers 3D-scanned for the game. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Capcom released a replica of clothing worn in Resident Evil. Back in 2016, the company put out a bomber jacket worn by Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 4, which was priced at roughly $1,200 USD.

Capcom’s Chris Redfield-inspired coat from Resident Evil Village is currently available on Capcom’s website for ¥159,731 JPY (approximately $1,500 USD).

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