Actor Holly Marie Combs pointed the finger firmly at President Donald Trump following the death of her grandfather on Monday from the coronavirus.

The “Charmed” and “Pretty Little Liars” star revealed her grandfather died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, just one day after his 66th wedding anniversary.

“He voted for you,” Combs tweeted at Trump.

“He believed you when you said this virus was no worse than the flu,” she continued. “He believed every lie you muttered and sputtered.”

Combs also called Trump “a disgrace to the human race.”

Combs’ representative did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for additional information.

The actor’s post prompted a host of sympathetic comments. It also sparked backlash from supporters of the president, who rebuked her for linking him to her grandfather’s death.

Combs pulled no punches with her response:

Trump for weeks downplayed the health risk posed by the coronavirus, repeatedly comparing it to seasonal flu. He has been criticized for his administration’s sloppy response to the crisis that has now killed almost 60,000 people nationwide, and for encouraging reopening of the economy against the advice of public health officials.

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