Here’s everything we know about Cush Jumbo’s new thriller, The Beast Must Die, which lands on the Britbox streaming platform next month.

Cush Jumbo is at the top of her game when it comes to dark crime series. Last year, she starred in Channel 4’s gripping mini-series Deadwater Fell, about the death of a family in a mysterious house fire. She’s also currently filming Netflix’s next Harlan Coben adaptation, based on his thriller Too Close. But before that reaches our screens, the star’s next project sounds like another one you won’t want to miss…

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What is The Beast Must Die about?

The Beast Must Die is a five-part “revenge thriller” exclusive to Britbox. Set on the Isle of Wight, it follows the story of the hit and run of a six-year-old boy, whose mother is intent on avenging his death. This drive to get revenge keeps her going in a hunt to find and kill the man she believes was behind the wheel of the car. While she takes things into her own hands, the troubled yet brilliant Detective Strangeways has to unpick this web of tragedy and steer a course to justice.

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Who stars in The Beast Must Die?

Jumbo stars in the lead role of the vengeful mother who feels she has nothing to lose, while Billy Howle (The Serpent, On Chesil Beach) plays the mysterious Detective Strangeways. Jared Harris (Chernobyl, The Crown, Mad Men) and Geraldine James (Anne with An E, Utopia) also star in the brilliant cast.

Watch the trailer for The Beast Must Die

“I am going to kill a man,” Jumbo’s character says in the trailer. “I know his name. I know what he looks like. The only thing I don’t know… is how.” We’re then teased with a montage of dramatic coastal shots, a slew of intriguing characters and some tense looking moments. 

When is The Beast Must Die on Britbox?

The first two episodes of The Beast Must Die will be available on Britbox from 27 May, with a further three episodes launching weekly on Thursdays.

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