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Daily Show Mocks Conservative Media With Montage Of Worst Joe Biden Scandals

Jul 1, 2021

Conservative media personalities seem pretty worked up over President Joe Biden doing regular stuff. “The Daily Show” poked fun at them in a compilation released Wednesday titled “The Worst Joe Biden Scandals Of All-Time This Month.”

The montage showed hosts and pundits on Fox News and Newsmax, clutching their pearls over Biden for using notes during a meeting, expressing his confidence in the nation’s leading infectious disease expert during a pandemic and whispering during a press conference, among other things.

Although “The Daily Show” didn’t point it out, those programs were considerably softer on Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, whose tenure was rocked by scandal after scandal, including two impeachment trials and an insurrection on the U.S. Capitol led by his supporters.

Watch “The Daily Show” mashup below:



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