In this latest Brent Faiyaz track featuring Drake and production from The Neptunes, the artists get in their feelings to drop a euphoric and introspective track.

Brent handles the vocals this time around while Drizzy speaks on his summer games once again, delivering 32 collected bars ahead of the release of his Certified Lover Boy album. Continuing the themes from “Gravity” and “Show U Off,” Brent appeals to his muse, respecting her space while telling her to ditch the other dudes pressing her singing, “If you’re gonna waste your time, then waste your time with me. You can have all the space, more than you need.”

We get a glimpse of how Drake is moving lately in the last verse of the song. He stays free from attachment as he raps about how his love interests “stay calculatin’ moves, like Beth Harmon” and claiming the title of “pessimist gold medalist”. He also pays respect to his influences Aaliyah and Prince claiming the “only time I play the back and forth is Aaliyah record” and swearing to be more “Purple Rain Prince than Prince Charmin.”

Brent has been biding his time this year with limited releases since his 2020, Fuck the World album. This track should come as a pleasant surprise for his loyal fanbase as they await his next project. An interesting detail is the “Wasting Time” cover artwork which is in the same animation style as the solo debut album In My Mind by Pharrell who handled the production of this track alongside Chad Hugo.

“Wasting Time” is now available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

In other music news, Mac Miller posthumously features on dvsn and Ty Dolla $ign’s “I Believed It”.
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