Remaining largely quiet following the release of his highly regarded 2019 debut album E, Ecco2k has now returned with a surprise EP, titled PXE. Introducing “pixie music,” the five-track project sees Ecco2k (Zak Arogundade) showcase both artistic and personal growth fueled by profound introspection.

Shattering perceptions about his sound, the Drain Gang co-founder offers expansive arresting recordings that flip between cacophonous brutalism and tender lyricism exploring everything in between. Ecco2k says it’s “more about sincerity, being raw and unfiltered,” adding “it’s about being okay with the way that I am.” The complexity of tracks is perfectly captured by an accompanying visual by illustrator Freddy Carrasco that expresses a dialogue between fictional characters Ecco and Echo.

It is important to note that Ecco2k produced “PXE,” “In The Flesh,” “Jalouse,” “No***’s Song” and “Big Air” completely on his own. “I wanted it to feel almost like a live album,” said the artist. “The songs take a transcendental, surrealist turn but that fourth wall keeps getting broken, pulling you back to this stripped, intimate place where it’s just me and a guitar.”

Catch the PXE (A/V) above and stream Ecco2k’s PXE on Spotify and Apple Music below.

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