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FKA Twigs Debuts New Song "Killer" at Her Tiny Desk Concert

Jun 10, 2022

Watching FKA Twigs perform is something of a spiritual experience, and her Tiny Desk Concert was no exception. She seems to exist in a world far more ethereal than this one, and she has the kind of voice that allows the listener to get lost there with her. In her home concert released on June 10, she sings in what appears to be a church, dressed in brocade, with mountains of candle wax dripping from the altar. Colorful stained glass windows cast cool light upon her, and as she hits impossible notes to fan favorites like “Cellophane” and “Home With You,” the end result is perfectly angelic. As NPR wrote on their Instagram, “Her operatic soprano ignites and delivers catharsis,” something not just any artist is capable of.

Throughout the show, Twigs is accompanied by live cello, double bass, violin, and delicate piano, emphasizing the emotion seeping out of her lyrics, and she even debuts a new song from her upcoming album, “Killer,” which comes out on June 16. On her social media, Twigs wrote that the album is for “baddies with a tear in their eye,” and if this performance was any indication, fans have much to look forward to. Check out her full performance, and prepare to transcend.

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