Fornite has announced a partnership with 23 global soccer teams, making this the largest sports partnership for Fortnite to date.

Epic Games is kicking off 2021 with the world of soccer, bridging sports fans and gamers together. Alongside the partnership, fans will be able to experience the sport virtually with a new Kickoff Set and special partnership with the legendary Brazilian soccer star, Pelé.

Pelé’s signature celebration will be brought to life in the game as Pelé’s Air Punch Emote. Players will be able to celebrate their Victory Royale just like Pelé did those 1,282 times during his illustrious career. The Pelé Cup will also be available for participants to compete at a chance to win the Air Punch Emote and Kickoff Set for free. Those who appear as the top scorers of the cup will have the opportunity to win a customized signed shirt. More information on this will be available in the official rulebook for the Pelé Cup.

Fans who want to exercise their innovative side may want to check out Fortnite‘s new soccer-inspired Creative island in the Creative Hub. Using their own bodies, power-ups, speed boosts, and even Pickaxes, players can utilize different features to outscore opponents in a game of 4×4. The make-up of the competition allows the game to constantly evolve. Since there are only two rounds per game, winners can advance to face off against other teams battling for third and fourth place in other matches in the Fortnite universe.

Soccer enthusiasts will be able to show their support for their favourite teams, easily swapping in and out of various uniforms for 23 soccer teams around the world. Players can expect clubs such as Manchester City FC, AC Milan, Juventus, and Los Angeles FC to take part in the virtual games.

The Pelé Cup is available for participation on January 20, with the new Kickoff Set and Pelé’s Air Punch Emote launching on January 23.

Check out how Pelé’s iconic celebration inspired Fortnite‘s Pelé Air Punch Emote in the video below and head over to the dedicated page for more info.

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