Watch the Too Hot to Handle Trailer

Some people just can’t take the heat. That’s the lesson we learned during Too Hot to Handle season one, and it appears we’re all going to take a remedial class when season two premieres on June 23. Netflix dropped the reality show’s trailer on June 16, providing a glimpse into another house full of 10 singles trying to find love in a hopelessly horny place. The group’s goal really should be simple: if they avoid kissing, heavy petting, or self-gratification, they can go home with $100,000. But if the trailer is any indicator, these folks are about to lose some serious cash.

We’ve broken down a list of all the culprits who are costing their teammates money in the name of a makeout. Read ahead, and learn a little bit more about the couples who are risking it all for love . . . or at least a quick kiss.

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