• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

HexGaming Introduces Its Highly Customizable Ultimate PlayStation 5 Controller

Nov 9, 2021

With more Sony PlayStation 5 consoles reaching the hands of gamers, gaming peripheral maker HexGaming is now introducing its Ultimate PS5 controller for esports fans and casual gamers alike.

Fully customizable with HexGaming’s offering of dozens of color tones, patterns and graphics, the Ultimate controller brings you just as much functionality. The rear sports extra buttons that you can fully program and remap in-game to the 15 different standard buttons on your controller, while six different thumbstick variations give you plenty of room to find your personal preference. The triggers activate with only 2mm of travel and the device can even be used both wired or wirelessly, depending on the intensity of your game. There are also two different thumb grip configurations — domed or concave — so you’ll definitely find a variant that fits you.

For those interested, you can head over to HexGaming’s website to customize your own controller or buy a pre-built one over on Amazon for $200 USD.

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