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Honda's 230-Pound Monkey Motorcycle Receives a 2022 Update

Jun 25, 2021

The Monkey‘s popularity amongst casual riders and city dwellers has led Honda to further refine the popular compact motorcycle from 1961.

Keeping everything about the bike that riders loved from the past, Honda has updated the 125cc bike for modern times with fresh new color options, a smooth 5-speed gearbox, IMU-controlled ABS braking, fat 12-inch tires, a sturdier chassis, LED lighting, and electronic instruments.

Weighing just 230 pounds, the new 2022 Honda Monkey is the perfect companion for zipping around the tight city streets, yet small enough to fit in your cottage shed. Those interested can expect the 2022 Euro 5-compliant Honda Monkey to go on sale in August for a price of £3,799 GBP (approximately $5,300 USD).

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