Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen has much in common with her namesake and idol Anita Mui, with both starring in the 1996 movie Who’s The Woman, Who’s The Man.

On Thursday (Oct 10), on the occasion of the late singer’s birthday on Oct 10, Yuen, 48, posted an old photo of Mui in remembrance on Weibo and wrote, “Sister Mui, happy birthday! Miss you terribly!”

Mui would have been 56 this year. The singer-actress, hailed as the Madonna of Asia, died of cervical cancer at age 40 in December 2003. This was the ninth year in a row that Yuen had paid tribute to Mui on the latter’s birthday. Yuen was said to have chosen the name Anita as Mui was her idol.

The duo became good friends after acting in Who’s The Woman, Who’s The Man with late singer Leslie Cheung, who incidentally killed himself at the age of 46 in April in the same year as Mui.

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