1. Waved to someone who you thought was waving, but then realized they were waving to someone else.Thought someone was talking to you but they were actually talking on the phone.Sat in awkward silence with someone because you didn’t know what to talk about.Pretended to be doing something to avoid awkward silence.Literally started a conversation about the weather because you didn’t know what else to say.Said “You too” to someone after they said “Happy Birthday” to you.Said “You too” to a server after they said “enjoy your food.”Tried to compliment someone but it came out wrong.Smile and/or nodded when you didn’t hear what someone said but they already repeated it, like, 3 times.Made a joke but no one laughed at it.Tried to laugh cute at something funny but end up sounding like a dying whale.Gone to a party and and only knew one person.Said goodbye to someone but then end up walking in the same direction.Dropped something when you were at the front of the line of the cash register.Held the door for someone who’s really far away.Had to speed up your pace because someone was holding the door for you but you’re too far away.Farted but tried to recreate the sound with another object.Stood there in silence while your friend(s) talked someone you didn’t know.Did all the the work in a group project to avoid discussion.Waited until everybody was out of the bathroom to get out of your stall.

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