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Jan 25, 2021

After solving storage unit issues by releasing a set of steel-made stacking boxes, HUMAN MADE is further expanding upon its beverage lineage by releasing a new Japanese sake bottle entitled “SAKE STORM COWBOY® MIDDLE PRESS”.

2019 marked the beginning of the NIGO-founded imprint’s venture into the space of alcohol, and has since been recognized with a gold medal award by the IWC2020 (International Wine Challenge) — one of the most famous global wine contests — under its sake category. After last dropping a limited release to cap off 2020, HUMAN MADE has now delivered more stock of its “SAKE STORM COWBOY® MIDDLE PRESS” bottle.

Aesthetically, the sake-holding container is fully tinted with a royal blue hue, features a black-coated wire bail lid, and has the HUMAN MADE face logo along with the “Sake Storm Cowboy” lettering on the front. On the back, you’ll find Pharrell and NIGO insignias printed in tinier font, as well as a notation that reads “Middle Press, Limited to 1000 Bottles” stating its fairly small quantity of production.

If you’re interested in adding this mellow-tasting sake bottle to your home, you can find it available now at the HUMAN MADE SHIBUYA PARCO and HUMAN MADE 1928 store locations.

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