The To All the Boys franchise has been a huge romantic comedy phenomenon over the past few years, but one thing fans have really gravitated towards is Peter and Lara Jean’s romance. I, however, am not one of those fans. While I appreciate their love story as much as the next rom-com fan, I have to admit, Peter never really did it for me. Sure, he was cute and charming, but was he really deserving of Lara Jean’s heart? He eventually proves worthy of her love by the end of the first film, but in the second film, I completely hopped off the Team Peter train and onto the Team John Ambrose train.

When compared to the kind, thoughtful, and sophisticated John Ambrose, Peter didn’t really stand a chance in my opinion. It also didn’t help that throughout the second film Peter was still not fully opening up to Lara Jean and going behind her back to confide in his ex-girlfriend Genevieve about his family problems. As the film moved along, it became more and more obvious to me that while Peter was Lara Jean’s first high school love, John Ambrose was a more suitable match for her. So, you can imagine my confusion when she actually got back together with Peter at the end of the movie.

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