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If You Check Off 20 Out 36 Of These Things Then You're A Real New Yorker

Jul 14, 2019
  1. Sat next to someone on the train cutting their nails.

    Via Twitter: @VioletBanerjee

    Sat next to someone on the train cutting their toenails.Via Twitter: @VioletBanerjee

    Via Twitter: @birdarino19

    Destroyed at least 27 of these umbrellas.Via Twitter: @birdarino19

    Via Twitter: @farai

    Accidentally entered an empty subway car only to realize it was empty for a reason (probably poop).Via Twitter: @farai

    Via Getty Images

    Ruined your day by getting a little overzealous trying to jump a slush puddle.Via Getty Images

    Via Twitter: @CelluloidSimple

    Ruined your day by stepping in a puddle of questionable juices.Via Twitter: @CelluloidSimple

    Via Getty Images

    Pretended you were on a fake phone call when someone asked you if you had time for “gay rights.”Via Getty Images

    Via Craigslist

    Went to look at an apartment where this was the only picture in this listing.Via Craigslist

    Via Getty Images

    Imagined your AC falling out the window and killing someone walking down the street.Via Getty Images

    Via Twitter: @bydaysbreak

    Successfully decoded a weekend subway schedule.Via Twitter: @bydaysbreak

    Via Twitter: @Evansweather

    Said you “can’t wait for summer” when it was winter and then said you “can’t wait for winter” when it’s summer.Via Twitter: @Evansweather

    Via Twitter: @Evansweather

    Complained how “spring and fall don’t exist.”Via Twitter: @Evansweather

    Via Getty Images

    Been grossed out by European tourists feeding squirrels.Via Getty Images

    Via Twitter: @AdeelBukhari

    Yelled at someone who asked you to cross the street because they were filming something.Via Twitter: @AdeelBukhari

    Via Getty Images

    Gotten yelled at by a TSA worker at JFK.Via Getty Images

    Via Getty Images

    Said something like “you know, Laguardia isn’t that bad” even though it’s honestly awful.Via Getty Images

    Via Getty Images

    Wondered how NYC airports could be so terrible, in general.Via Getty Images

    Via Instagram

    Refused to leave your house on Santacon.Via Instagram

    Via Twitter: @sarramartiiin

    Got yelled at by that dude with a cat on his head.Via Twitter: @sarramartiiin

    Via Twitter: @nuhaasoeker

    Paid a ridiculous Uber fare on Halloween, New Years Eve, or the 4th of July.Via Twitter: @nuhaasoeker

    Via Twitter: @whatisny

    Looked at an apartment with a kitchen like this.Via Twitter: @whatisny

    Via Twitter: @DeCoursey

    Learned to appreciate scaffolding ONLY during a rainstorm. Otherwise scaffolding is the worst and is up for 4-22 years average.Via Twitter: @DeCoursey

    Via reddit.com

    Transported a piece of furniture on the subway.Via reddit.com

    Via Roscoe

    Known multiple people who have gotten bed bugs.Via Roscoe

    Via Yelp

    Had a nervous breakdown in a Duane Reade.Via Yelp

    Via Twitter

    Hated the MTA more than any person, place, or thing on the Earth.Via Twitter

    Via www1.nyc.gov

    Said “f*cking Deblasio” when something minorly inconvenienced you.Via www1.nyc.gov

    Via Wifi

    Had robust discussions with strangers about how much you hate your internet/cable provider.Via Wifi

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    Refused to date someone because they lived in another borough.Via Getty Images

    Via youtube.com

    Watched a rat eating something they definitely shouldn’t be eating.Via youtube.com

    Via Getty Images

    Sat through a friend’s improv 101 class and regretted every life choice that got you to that point.Via Getty Images

    Via NY1

    Felt a deep connection with Pat Kiernan while traveling in the back of a cab at 230 AM.Via NY1

    Via imgur.com

    Made this exact face when you heard someone yell “SHOWTIME.”Via imgur.com

    Via Getty Images

    Watched your favorite bar turn into a bank and then into a Starbucks and then into a CBD shop.Via Getty Images

    Via Every subway and every store window.

    You know who either of these people are.Via Every subway and every store window.

    Via well actually

    And lastly, you are about to leave a comment on this BuzzFeed checklist about how we’re missing something.Via well actually

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