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If You Did At Least 74 Of These 99 Things Then You Were A "Peak Early-'00s Teen Girl"

Jun 28, 2019
  1. Getty Images/ Paramount/ People Inc./Emoji/L’Oréal
    Via Fox

    Wanting all of Summer from The O.C.‘s oh-so-cool clothesVia Fox

    Via wieniawski.blogspot.com

    Using so much lip gloss that it made your lips look plasticVia wieniawski.blogspot.com

    Via CTV Television

    Thinking showing whale tale was so “chic” and naughtyVia CTV Television

    Via amazon.com

    Owning a faux hair scrunchie that looked fake AFVia amazon.com

    Via farfetch.com

    Wanting or owning a Burberry tartan bucket hatVia farfetch.com

    Via salesonline.club

    Trying to pass off your fake Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton bag as a real one (or wanting one)Via salesonline.club

    Via MTV

    Never missing an episode of The OsbournesVia MTV

    Via us.feelunique.com

    Putting on lots of coats of Maybelline’s Great Lash MascaraVia us.feelunique.com

    Via amazon.com

    Wanting or owning a VAIO desktopVia amazon.com

    Via supercouponlady.com

    Wearing oh-so-comfy gauchosVia supercouponlady.com

    Via Pepsi

    Sipping on the deliciousness that is Pepsi TwistVia Pepsi

    Via famousfootwear.com

    Wearing platform flip-flopsVia famousfootwear.com

    Via reddit.com

    Creating avatars that looked like you on Dollz ManiaVia reddit.com

    Via your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Snacking on Ritz S’moresVia your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Via amazon.com

    Wanting all L.A.M.B. printed clothing and accessoriesVia amazon.com

    Via ebay.com

    Wearing these mesh slippersVia ebay.com

    Via ebay.com

    Dousing yourself in Victoria’s Secret’s Love SpellVia ebay.com

    Via askdavetaylor.com

    Having AIM as an important part of your social lifeVia askdavetaylor.com

    Via Baby Phat

    Wanting Baby Phat jeans, tees, and jacketsVia Baby Phat

    Via Getty Images

    Being a little grossed out by colored KetchupVia Getty Images

    Via collegefashion.net

    Owning lots of graphic teesVia collegefashion.net

    Via thecircleofluxury.wordpress.com

    Wanting or owning the Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet and/or necklaceVia thecircleofluxury.wordpress.com

    Via giantbomb.com

    Making Sims that looked like you and your crushVia giantbomb.com

    Via imgur.com

    Thinking Mango Sours were the best flavored AltoidsVia imgur.com

    Via imgur.com

    Owning an initial purseVia imgur.com

    Via jergens.com

    Giving yourself a fake tan with self-tannerVia jergens.com

    Via nyulocal.com

    Wanting or owning a pair of UggsVia nyulocal.com

    Via your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Having a pair or more of jeans that had no pocketsVia your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Via Sony Music

    Having Jennifer Lopez as your fashion ICONVia Sony Music

    Via your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Using Avon Senses bodywashesVia your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Via Paramount

    Being obsessed with Mean GirlsVia Paramount

    Via your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Decorating your bedroom with beaded curtainsVia your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Via Frederick M. Brown / Getty

    Wearing skinny and itchy scarfsVia Frederick M. Brown / Getty

    Via CBS Television

    Loving the friendships on Girlfriends and hoping you would have relationships like that when you got olderVia CBS Television

    Via etsy.com

    Having a name necklaceVia etsy.com

    Via your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Owning a pair of jeans that had a laced up frontVia your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Via mannyscustomcaraudio.com

    Wearing long duster cardigans (that got caught on everything)Via mannyscustomcaraudio.com

    Via trustedreviews.com

    Wanting or owning a Motorola RazrVia trustedreviews.com

    Via lookfantastic.com

    Having really sticky lips from using Lancôme Juicy TubesVia lookfantastic.com

    Via HBO

    Watching Sex and the City behind your parents’ backVia HBO

    Via poshmark.com

    Wearing tiny cardigans and shrugs that dug into your armpitsVia poshmark.com

    Via pinterest.com

    Owning a Baby-G watchVia pinterest.com

    Via secondhand.hk

    Wanting or owning a Coach monogram bagVia secondhand.hk

    Via etsy.com

    Wanting or owning Coach monogram accessoriesVia etsy.com

    Via tophats-shop.com

    Owning a trucker capVia tophats-shop.com

    Via depop.com

    Owning a Happy Bunny T-shirtVia depop.com

    Via MTV

    Saying or thinking, “This is where the magic happens” any time you watched MTV CribsVia MTV

    Via london.2lazy2boot.co.uk

    Owning or wanting a puffy parka from Abercrombie & FitchVia london.2lazy2boot.co.uk

    Via knowyourmeme.com

    Carefully curating your Myspace, but especially your Top 8Via knowyourmeme.com

    Via Myspace

    Having Tom as your Myspace friendVia Myspace

    Via change.org

    Liking 3D Doritos over regular DoritosVia change.org

    Via Paul Frank

    Owning or wanting Paul Frank clothing and accessoriesVia Paul Frank

    Via New Line Cinema

    ~Believing~ in love after watching Love & BasketballVia New Line Cinema

    Via People Inc.

    Getting excited whenever you got a new issue of Teen PeopleVia People Inc.

    Via jvalentin3.wordpress.com

    Making mix CDs for you and your friendsVia jvalentin3.wordpress.com

    Via jvalentin3.wordpress.com

    Owning a velour tracksuitVia jvalentin3.wordpress.com

    Via LimeWire

    Downloading MP3s from LimeWire or KazaaVia LimeWire

    Via MTV

    Getting excited whenever MTV had its “Spankin’ New Music Week”Via MTV

    Via KMazur/ Getty Images

    Loving everything about Destiny’s ChildVia KMazur/ Getty Images

    Via MTV

    Having Laguna Beach viewing parties with your friend(s)Via MTV

    Via KMazur/ Getty Images

    Having a huge crush on Usher (especially after Confessions)Via KMazur/ Getty Images

    Via New Line Cinema

    Watching The Notebook over and over on DVD and crying every timeVia New Line Cinema

    Via asian-quest.tripod.com

    Getting your favorite college tees from Steve & Barry’sVia asian-quest.tripod.com

    Via en.wikipedia.org

    Either hating or loving Abercrombie & FitchVia en.wikipedia.org

    Via Sony Music

    Living for Ashanti and Ja Rule duetsVia Sony Music

    Via Rolling Stone

    Owning this issue of Rolling Stone with Justin Timberlake on the coverVia Rolling Stone

    Via LiveJournal

    Snooping in on your crush or frenemy through their LiveJournalVia LiveJournal

    Via Apple Music

    Listening to The Beatles’ 1 over and over ’cause of your parentsVia Apple Music

    Via Viacom

    Never missing an episode of DegrassiVia Viacom

    Via your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Wanting or owning a Vote for Pedro T-shirtVia your90s2000sparadise.tumblr.com

    Via libertygames.co.uk

    Playing Dance Dance RevolutionVia libertygames.co.uk

    Via MGM

    Wanting to be BFFs with Elle Woods from Legally BlondeVia MGM

    Via Frank Micelotta Archive/ Getty Image

    Rushing home to make sure you caught the latest episode of TRLVia Frank Micelotta Archive/ Getty Image

    Via ebay.com

    Wearing a flashy crystal tattoo (to give your body a some bling)Via ebay.com

    Via Universal

    Memorizing all the cheers and quotes from Bring It OnVia Universal

    Via Teen People, Inc.

    Being devastated when you heard that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson broke upVia Teen People, Inc.

    Via amazon.com

    Wanting or owning a DVD/VCR combo for your bedroomVia amazon.com

    Via PerezHilton.com

    Reading about celeb gossip on PerezVia PerezHilton.com

    Via amazon.com

    Wearing a LiveStrong bracelet (and maybe not knowing what it was for)Via amazon.com

    Via WMG

    Singing along (and probably crying) to Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever)” at your graduationVia WMG

    Via MAC

    Wearing MAC Lip Glass when you wanted to feel extra glamVia MAC

    Via ttp://chi-hair-straightener.net

    Owning a ceramic flat ironVia ttp://chi-hair-straightener.net

    Via MTV

    Learning awesome moves from Darrin’s Dance GroovesVia MTV

    Via macys.com

    Thinking Ralph Lauren’s Ralph was the prettiest scent everVia macys.com

    Via Fox TV

    Getting super invested in American IdolVia Fox TV

    Via HBO

    Wanting or having a big flower pin like Carrie wore on SATCVia HBO

    Via amazon.com

    Getting excited whenever a new Harry Potter book was releasedVia amazon.com

    Via etsy.com

    Having big gold hoop earrings as your go-to earringsVia etsy.com

    Via dpreview.com

    Learning how to take really good selfies with a digital cameraVia dpreview.com

    Via Fox TV

    Wanting to hang out with Paris and NicoleVia Fox TV

    Via devasbling.com

    Wearing bedazzled bandanasVia devasbling.com

    Via David Friedman/Getty Images

    Being bored and going with your friends to Blockbuster to rent DVDsVia David Friedman/Getty Images

    Via Diesel

    Thinking Diesel jeans were the ultimate designer jeansVia Diesel

    Via Myspace

    Lying on Myspace Surveys just for funVia Myspace

    Via TV Guide

    Not being able to find anything to watch and ending up just watching the TV Guide ChannelVia TV Guide

    Via Dell

    Saying, “Dude, you’re getting a Dell!” whenever the Dell commercial playedVia Dell

    Via TLC

    Watching Trading Spaces just for the reveals where people got upsetVia TLC

    Via LUCY NICHOLSON /Getty Images

    Thinking Britney and Justin were the ultimate coupleVia LUCY NICHOLSON /Getty Images

    Via ebay.com

    And finally, begging your parents to get you an iPodVia ebay.com

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