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IKEA Japan Serves up Sweet Matcha-Enhanced Treats

Jun 1, 2021

IKEA is known for two things: affordable flat-pack furniture and traditional Swedish food, such as its HUVUDROLL meatballs. Now, IKEA Japan is offering something traditionally Japanese for the country’s annual Matcha Sweets Fair, introducing 11 desserts and sweet treats exclusively for the celebratory period.

Alongside traditional matcha tea, you’ll find a tower of match pancakes that are loaded with matcha, Warabimochi (bracken starch dumplings), and adzuki beans, and are only available from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. JST, or from 3 p.m. in IKEA’s Tokyo Bay branch. For things you can get your mouth around more often, IKEA Japan also serves up matcha brownie and matcha tarts, as well as desserts that are perfect for the warmer months ahead such as matcha anmitsu-style sundaes and the matcha soft serve.

Tunnbröd, a traditional Swedish flatbread has — yes, you guessed it — also been given a matcha twist. Sweet cream, adzuki red bean paste, fruit and a slice of a matcha tart find themselves encased in the flatbread, which takes the snack to new culinary heights. Lastly, a scone, bagel, and muffin are also on offer.

You only have until June 27 to taste the whole menu at IKEA Japan’s locations. Find out more online.

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