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Jacob & Co. Drops $780,000 USD Astronomia Maestro Worldtime With Carillon Minute Repeater

Nov 12, 2021

The latest addition to Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia collection boasts not just a worldtime complication but also a Carillon minute repeater.

Jacob & Co. describes the Maestro Worldtime watch as one of the most complex versions of the Astronomia it has ever created.

The main timekeeping dial has moved from one of the Astronomia’s four arms to the central axis of its main carousel – which rotates once every 10 minutes – while the arms are now occupied by rotating worldtime Earth globe, a 60-second triple-axis tourbillon, a hand-painted figure of an astronaut hand-engraved from German silver and a spherical 1ct Jacob-cut diamond.

Jacob & Co.

The worldtime globe rotates once every 24 hours providing an accurate view of timezones around the world while a depiction of the Milky Way galaxy and planets is hand-painted on an aventurine backdrop to the 50mm 18k rose gold case.

Also visible is the Carillon minute repeater mechanism featuring three circular gongs and three hammers, while the manufacture JCFM11A movement comprises of 535 components and offers a 50-hour power reserve.

The Astronomia Maestro Worldtime is available now via Jacob & Co., priced $780,000 USD.

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