American rapper Kanye West surprised his wife of six years, Kim Kardashian, with flowers on Tuesday morning (June 30).

And it was no measly bouquet, but an entire bathroom decked out with florals, reported.

Kardashian, 39, posted a video on Instagram showing her bathtub and basin filled and surrounded with fresh blossoms.

She gushed: “So I come home, and my whole bathroom is decorated like an enchanted forest. It’s so beautiful and so visually pretty. And so sweet of my husband.”

While she did not reveal the reason behind her husband’s gesture, beauty conglomerate Coty has acquired a 20 per cent stake in Kardashian’s KKW Beauty for US$200 million, which puts the value of her cosmetics and fragrance brand at US$1 billion.

Some have said that also makes Kardashian a billionaire, though there is some debate as American business magazine Forbes estimates her actual net worth to be US$900 million.

West, 43, had penned a congratulatory note to his wife on Twitter on Monday: “I am so proud of my beautiful wife… for officially becoming a billionaire. You’ve weathered the craziest storms and now God is shining on you and our family.”

He also posted an image of fresh produce and flowers laid out in the sun.

But many netizens have criticised him for being tone-deaf.

One said: “Friendly reminder that billionaires only exist by hoarding generational wealth, something only accomplished by sacrificing ethical sourcing, poor labour standards, and income inequality. Capitalism at its finest.”

Another netizen simply noted: “Read the room, idiot.”

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