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Katherine Schwarzenegger's Mom Was Banned from Talking About Her Wedding & LOL

Jun 26, 2019

Fans weren’t getting any wedding details from this wedding guest. Katherine Schwarzenegger banned her mom Maria Shriver from talking about her wedding to Chris Pratt. The author and activist was sworn to secrecy and unable to reveal any details about her daughter’s nuptials from a few weeks ago.

Shriver revealed on the Today Show that her daughter was adamant about not leaking any details about the special day. “My daughter was like, ‘Don’t talk about me. Don’t say anything about the wedding. Don’t speak my name,’” Shriver shared. “She’s like, ‘Don’t say anything. Don’t say where I am. Don’t say what it was like. Don’t speak.’” Shriver continued. “I was like, ‘I actually am a person, too. I actually had an experience as well and can speak about my own experience.’”


In early June, couple married in a romantic setting in Montecito, California surrounded by family and friends. The bride wore her mother’s veil as her something borrowed for the special day. Shriver shared that she was, naturally, quite emotional on the day of the wedding. Reminiscing about her daughter’s childhood and the latest milestone in her life, Shriver conveyed the complicated feeling — but ultimately happiness — she felt.

“As a mother, you go through many emotions, right, so you’re trying to be both excited, you get a new member of your family, you’re kind of losing your child as they were,” she shared. “So you’re kind of excited and everybody’s like, ‘Oh, isn’t this great?’ You’re like, ‘Yeah, it’s great,’ but it’s also kind of sad and it’s kind of strange and so you’re learning, as I said, to hold all of these multiple emotions simultaneously.”

The mother of four also shared that while she had a complicated onslaught of emotions, her other children had their own interpretations as well.  “You know, my 21-year-old’s like, ‘I’m so far from that,’ right? My 28-year-old daughter, her friends are like, ‘I think I want that, I don’t know if I want that. Am I in that? Oh, better not. Better break up, better find something.’ There’s all of this going on.” Shriver also shared that she was overcome with tears when giving a toast to her daughter and her new son-in-law at the couple’s wedding reception.

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