LOS ANGELES – Katy Perry is busting out her finest maternity wear for her first pregnancy, and she looks amazing. In a series of mirror selfies posted on Instagram on Thursday (May 28), the pop star – dressed in a luminous floor-length silver gown – proudly shows off her baby bump, Harper’s Bazaar reports.

She looks over the moon, smiling happily as she rests her hands on her stomach in one image. Another shows her moon-eyed, with her mouth wide open.

A pair of glittering silver heels and metallic double-hoop earrings complete her ensemble.

The look was in celebration of SpaceX’s first attempt to launch two Nasa astronauts into space for a trip to the International Space Station.

This event is the first time astronauts would be launched into space on US soil since 2011, Vogue reported.

Perry was scheduled to host a pre-event livestream on the Discovery Channel, and it is no surprise that she chose to dress up for the event. After all, the E.T. singer has had a long-lasting infatuation with the cosmos.

However, due to the weather, the launching which was to have taken place on Wednesday,  was postponed to Saturday.

Welp. Today’s #SpaceLaunchLive was BUMPED due to weather, but what’s two days when @spacex has been waiting for 18 years… Let’s pray it’s in the cards for Saturday! Set your alarm for the 3:22pm EDT launch, and don’t miss the pregame with me on @Discovery and @ScienceChannel for a historical moment in space travel 🚀

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